CMS Connect App for OpenCart

Demo VueFront on OpenCart

Demo OpenCart Admin

How to install?

Version Link
3.0.x (latest version) download
2.3.x download
2.0.x-2.2.x download
1.5.x download
  1. Download the compiled Extensions from the latest releases.
  2. Upload via OpenCart Admin -> Extension Installer
  3. Go to Extensions -> Modules -> VueFront and click install
  4. Click edit to view copy the CMS Connect URL

You will need the CMS Connect URL to complete the VueFront Web App installation

Advanced Install

The official compiled version of the CMS Connect APP includes other supporting extensions such as d_opencart_patch and d_twig_manager.

You can download the source code from the master branch directly and upload via ftp to your root folder. When activating the module, you should have the following extensions preinstalled: d_opencart_patch, d_twig_manager, d_twig (only for 2.x)

You can also install the d_blog_module to add blog features to VueFront.

Install via Shopunity

If you have shopunity module installed, you can use that for a super quick installation:

  1. go to OpenCart admin -> shopunity -> marketplace tab
  2. search for VueFront
  3. Click install.

You can also install the d_blog_module via Shopunity as well.